‘The Bridge’ exists to span the tide. The tide that exists between the rich and the poor, the informed and the untaught, the entrepreneur and the everyday citizen.


The Bridge has no bounds, only those put on by its users. The Bridge will focus on cooperation, collaboration, and community in everything it does. From the way we build, to the way we...


Meet The Team

Garry is the founder and CEO of The Bridge. He hails from Harrisburg, PA., having attended the Milton Hershey School and Penn State University. Garry prides himself in his hunger for knowledge and love for giving back to his community. Having graduated from Penn State with multiple degrees (Business Development, Advertising and Psychology) he has always shared a love for bettering our society as a whole. His five seasons spent playing in the National Football League allowed him to build strong connections both on and off the field. Anything he puts his mind to, WILL get done. After your first meeting with him, you will immediately find out he is more than just an athlete.

Garry Gilliam Jr.
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Jocelyn serves as the Corporate Director of The Bridge. She has a background and is currently licensed as a Registered Nurse in the state of Washington. Along with devoting her career life to helping others, she is passionate about building companies that make a positive impact in the world. Her business leadership skills show daily as we build brands solving social and economic issues. Jocelyn is especially interested in topics of global nutrition, animal welfare, urban farming, smart energy use, and clean water around the world.

Jocelyn Bramlett
Corporate Director
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Jordan serves the role of Chief Community Officer for The Bridge. Jordan is a son of the Harrisburg area, having been born and raised in Steelton, Pa. After a stellar high school career, Jordan then went to further his education at Penn State by obtaining his B.A. in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management before going on to play in the National Football League for five seasons. Jordan's love for the community is evident through the many works that he does with his own non-profit organization, the Jordan Hill Foundation. He spends most of his free time with the youth of the community, his family, and building connections that will help Harrisburg bridge to an evolving future!

Jordan Hill
Chief Community Officer
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A nationally recognized visual storyteller, Doug has won more than 30 regional Emmy Awards and is one of only two Pennsylvania videographers to have been named National Television Photographer of the Year. He’s produced thousands of stories from all over the world, including Super Bowls, the London Marathon…even from the top of Mt. Rushmore. Doug is also a storytelling consultant who has shared his skills in Japan, Germany, Italy, South Korea and Denmark, and with college students at Syracuse, Northwestern, Arizona State and Penn State. He even taught Garry and Corey in their Electronic Media class at Milton Hershey School!


Doug is now the owner/operator of Doug Legore Media, LLC, in Carlisle, PA where he continues to tell stories that matter…like stories on The Bridge.

Doug Legore
Chief Digital Officer
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Justin, a graduate of Milton Hershey School, is a Digital Marketing Strategist & Consultant that has been privately contracted by billion dollar companies, political figures, and national brands to develop digital strategies for growth and development. 


Justin currently develops online training materials, mentors students, and develops internal marketing teams for large corporations migrating from agency contractors to in-house management. 

Justin Reed
Chief Analytics Officer 
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Celebrity Trainer & Holistic Nutritionist that built multiple $6-7 figure online businesses. Tay works with thousands of clients who are looking to drop fat and transform their bodies. Tay also works with A VERY small group of online business owners that want to Grow To $6-7 Figures, All of this is done online!

Tay Sweat
Sr. Strategy Consultant 
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Iddris is a Technologist and Entrepreneur who's work as a designer has been consulted by tech's most consumer-driven products: Uber, Twitter, and Snapchat. He considers himself a "Cultural Architect" for the way he plans to help Africa invent platforms to fit the best narratives for the continent. He has collaborated with artists such as Nipsey Hussle, and is currently a consultant for Kanye West's company, YEEZY, LLC.

Iddris Sandu
Sr. Design and Tech Consultant 
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A native of Cambridge, MA., Corey became a permanent resident of Central PA by way of graduation of both the Milton Hershey School and Penn State University. His affinity with learning has allowed him to serve as a chameleon in all environments in which he has worked. This includes marketing, athlete and entertainer management, news filming, and event coordinating just to name a few. His spare time is spent with his children, traveling, and eating (he takes pride in his comical restaurant critiques!). His “Team first” approach to problem solve and analyzing is what makes him such an invaluable asset at The Bridge. When you see him don’t be afraid to ask him what pair of socks he might have on!

Corey Dupree
Chief Operations Officer
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Born in Williamsport, PA., Robert graduated from the Milton Hershey School and later Penn State University. Having played sports his entire life, he has made teamwork and selflessness the pillars upon which he conducts himself. Often described as a jack of all trades, he has spent time honing skills in the areas of programming, business intelligence, credit risk analytics, corporate strategy, and financial reporting/forecasting. He has a firm belief that the world around us is constantly changing, and it pays to stay up to date with innovative techniques and evolving technologies. Since 2014 he has been managing portfolios in the auto finance industry, so he’s no stranger to large data. Ask him about it, but, be prepared for a lengthy conversation!

Rob DeJarnette
Chief Financial Officer
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Ken is a full time Career Firefighter and Co-Founder/CEO of his non-profit organization Men For A Better Society. Born and raised in Detroit, MI, Ken attended Detroit Public Schools. He graduated from Cody High School then Schoolcraft College with a Major in Fire Science and Paramedic. Ken is licensed and certified in the areas of Paramedic, Hazardous Material, Lead Abatement, Technical Rescue, he’s even a Real Estate Agent, just to name a few. His love for helping others led him to becoming a Firefighter/Paramedic and running his own non-profit. Helping others, giving back to the community while building up the community (especially areas of distress) has always been a heartfelt passion of his. Ken believes “As a common courtesy we must leave a person, a community, a situation better than when we found them or it”. Ken loves being the community’s connection to opportunity and realizes building up the community is much bigger than him. Coming together, uniting communities we can restore, reinvent and re-establish our communities block by block.

Ken Estell
Chief Safety Officer 

Ms. Mariani is a licensed Attorney in New York State, specializing in tax and estate planning. She received her J.D. from Albany Law School located in Albany, New York. Prior to joining The Bridge, Ms. Mariani had a private law practice and was an Assistant District Attorney for Albany County, NY.

Kim Mariani
Chief Legal Officer
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Kayvon Asemani is a force for positivity. Kayvon is a musician, artist, fashion designer, community builder, and social advocate. Kayvon became interested in music while growing up in Baltimore, and he began to write his own music at five years old.

Kayvon Asemani
Sr. Brand Consultant 
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Brandon is a graduate of Milton Hershey School and has been an avid entertainer. He’s spent time writing and performing stand-up comedy in cities all over the US from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. He is a seasoned video editor and an aspiring filmmaker. His experience with comedy has given him a renewed passion for writing and public speaking.

Brandon Hurd
Creative Director
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DeZwaan is our CIO here at The Bridge. Born in Harrisburg, PA., he is a graduate of Milton Hershey and a proud Penn State alum. If he's not cheering on the Nittany Lions, you will likely find him with family and friends. He has a love of travel, immersing himself in new cultures and staying up to date with all things Business Intelligence and new tech. Prior to The Bridge, DeZwaan was a Business Intelligence Consultant with experience in many industries including marketing, finance, software, technology and energy. He has been successfully architecting, managing and developing applications and BI solutions since 2011, providing businesses with the tools and insights to perform to their potential.

DeZwaan Dubois
Chief Information Officer
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Can you imagine being so committed to a vision, that you worked on several full-time projects without pay to refine your craft over a 9-year span? Well, that’s exactly what Brandon did! Aside from hearing “NO” religiously, he came to realize that it would only take one “YES” to confirm what I envisioned as a child and knew in my heart. Today, as a Commercial Real Estate Developer who specializes in Affordable Housing with active projects across multiple cities, and ~$200mm pipeline, he can say part of his vision has been realized!

Brandon Rule
Master Developer
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Originally from Durham, NC, Kristen pursued an Urban Planning degree from Virginia Tech and a Master's in Sustainable Design from the University of Texas at Austin. Her background includes working in Affordable Housing in Harrisburg, PA, a Sustainability Consulting firm in Washington DC, and lead sustainability at Lendlease in New York City. Since then, she left her role on the Global Sustainability Team at WeWork to launch Recipric, a firm focused on integrating sustainability into sports. She is a sustainability expert, focused on maximizing performance and promoting occupant health and wellbeing within the built environment, to drive positive environmental and social change. She believes that the built environment can influence the mental and physical experience of humans at any scale and exemplifies the power in the influence placemaking, equitable access to a support system, and sense of community. 

Kristen Fulmer
Chief Sustainability Officer 
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Seasoned Vice President of Marketing, Senior Level Brand Executive, General Manager and S&OP Coach with over 17 years of experience in operations management and digital and direct marketing. Extensive experience in all aspects of creating innovative omnichannel marketing strategies that build and support brands, leading to increased awareness, preference, and revenue generation. Driving the vision for key functional areas including integrated marketing and strategy, design, production, consumer insights, social media, public relations, and customer relationship management. Aligning strategy with company goals to promote growth and bringing it to life through coordinated action across all departments of the organization, regardless of team location.

B.C. Silver
Sr. Marketing Consultant 
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Tiffanni Osborne is a proud alumnus of Milton Hershey School and Temple University. She is a Philadelphia native with a passion for education and serving underprivileged youth. Though her undergraduate degrees were in Human Resource Management and Africana Studies, Tiffanni has served in the educational field a teacher, administrator and cultural department head in Greater Philadelphia Area schools. She has recently enrolled in a doctoral degree program in educational leadership and intends to pursue her principal certification. If you want to get her talking for hours, ask her how effective elementary literacy instruction can change an entire community.

Tiffanni Osborne
Chief Academic Officer
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CEO of Colorado-based Proximity, the world’s largest network of independent coworking spaces, is a leading voice in the movement to create a new model of work in which distributed workers and entrepreneurs are fully connected and empowered. Proximity’s full-service platform helps landlords and coworking space operators deliver a full range of flex and on-demand real estate services, and provide small businesses and large enterprises with access to a broad network of coworking facilities.

Before entering the business of connection, Josh enjoyed a diverse career in management, finance, marketing, advertising, and investment strategy.

Josh Freed
Sr. Coworking Consultant 
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Founded in 1995 by Mark Buehrer, PE, 2020 ENGINEERING is an engineering consulting company specializing in the development and implementation of civil engineering designs that utilize the best of today’s conventional engineering practices along with new, emerging and alternative technologies. 2020 has a broad range of public and private engineering design and project management experience applied to low impact site development, and sustainable “deep green” building strategies.


A Colorado corporation that was formed in 2012 to commercialize its proprietary REEF system for urban and rural applications, along with licensing of an advanced bio-catalytic anaerobic digester (AD) and patented micro-algae technology. It has a veteran management team, including its founder Benjamin Brant, with a broad range of award-winning experience in developing new “agri-food and clean” technologies and projects in the US and Europe dating back to the 1970’s


A Bellingham, WA company, with 30 years in business specializing in the turn-key design and construction of advanced intensive land-based aquaculture and aquaponics systems around the world. Formed in 1990, the Company has developed a global reputation as an industry leader, providing the most efficient and cost-effective systems to raise finfish and shellfish in controlled cold or warm environments using recirculating fresh, brackish or seawater that has been treated.


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